4th Annual National Technical and Scientific Convention on Triathlon

Presented by Italian Triathlon Federation with SRM

Piacenza, Italy

Sunday November 15, 2015 marked the date of the most important event in Italian triathlon, the 4th Annual National Technical and Scientific Convention on Triathlon.

Crowded into the beautiful Best Western Park Hotel were a record number of trainers, technicians, athletes, and fans who were treated to a number of interesting discussions and presentations. Specialists included physiologist, Iningo Mujika, professional triathlete, Antonio La Torre, Italian national director, Mario Miglio, and Italian national manager, Costantino Bertuccelli.

SRM, an active partner with the Italian Triathlon Federation (FITRI), was on hand to present the audience with their products and the underlying principles of training with power.

“It was a really wonderful occasion and a memorable experience to be able to speak on such an important stage; for SRM it is important to allow our customers to get the most from our products and themselves, and receive feedback from them to allow us to continually improve,” said Simone Stilli, head of SRM Italy.  “We want to keep the communication channel open in order to leave nothing to chance on the road to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. ”

Luca Bianchini, trainer for FITRI, explained how SRM systems are used by his athletes, showing both Olympic competition analysis as well as explaining how they monitor the athletes progress on the road to Rio.

Simone Stilli and Luca Bianchini analyzed and compared information during this period, and established important points for the future of this wonderful collaboration. 

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