SRM User Changeable Battery Hits Pro Cycling

Cofidis on FSA BB386 UCB PowerMeter

Cofidis Pro Cycling will be the first team in professional cycling to be equipped with the SRM FSA K-Force Light BB386 PowerMeter featuring a user changeable battery. SRM is proud to welcome the French team to the sponsorship program this year and is excited to promote the new product line within the pro peloton and European markets.  

Taking innovation to the next level, SRM has developed a revolutionary approach to the concept of a User Changeable Battery (UCB). The two AA batteries used in the SRM UCB System give up to 4000 hours of uninterrupted training! The location of the batteries in the bottom bracket spindle keep all components sealed from the elements and completely waterproof. SRM's next generation PowerMeter holds "Gold Standard" qualities including durability, reliability, and superior accuracy. 

“Validity and reliability of power measurement in powermeters are extremely important in the monitoring of professional cyclist’s training load and performances in training and racing. These two important features have determined the choice of the Cofidis team for using the SRM Training System. Small improvements have significant meaning for pro cyclists and have to be detected with accuracy. Every measuring device can show data, but data only has interest when it is accurate and consistent. As a sports scientist and trainer working with SRM for more than 10 years, I know how reliable and valid the power values of the SRM powermeter are. With nearly 30 years of history and experience, the SRM power meter is the “golden standard” for power measuring.” - Vincent Villerius, Sports Scientist

“The SRM Training System has been a very important tool for me for several years now. I am able to analyze my work in training and my performance level in races. Having an accurate and reliable PowerMeter enables me to determine how my physical condition is at different periods of the season and to make intra- and inter-seasonal comparisons. In training it has become inevitable in my power-based interval exercises. During races it helps me to find the best place in the peleton with the best drafting in order to save my energy for the climbs. In the climbs it enables me to pace my effort and to evaluate if I will be able to accelerate or attack. Even in time trials it also helps me pacing my effort, because like many riders I tend to start too fast in the first part of a TT.” Dani Navarro, Pro Rider Cofidis

Learn more about new SRM technology in the FSA BB386 UCB PowerMeter here and stay tuned for more Cofidis team news and updates throughout the season.

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