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La Ruta de los Conquistadores 2013

12. November 2013 - vor 9 Jahren, 2 Monaten und 23 Tagen

The SRM PowerMeter is an incredible tool for a coach and athlete to monitor the training and racing over time. It's consistent, it's accurate, it's reliable. But is life this way? Is any race that way? Nope. You actually have to deal with life and situations in races as they come up. The power tells the story of the race and helps us better to train specifically for the demands of the race, which hopefully can help the coach and athlete deal more successfully with "life" happens.  Pua Mata had an incredible year, both on and off the bike this year. Overcoming a broken leg in March, to winning 5 of her first 6 races back from that injury, adding another national championship to her list of accomplishments all led to her having one of her most successful years as a professional mountain bike racer. Capping the season off with another big win at this years's addition of La Ruta de los Conquistadores, I couldn't be more proud of her as an athlete and as a person.  Pre-Race: After a great win at the Pisgah MTB Stage race, Pua took some rest and before ramping back up in for the final training block, we had a few things to work around. Injury and sickness occur for everyone; and thankfully, it was nothing major, but the lead into La Ruta this year was far different than last year. As a coach, you can't hide that from the athlete when the athlete is the ONE DOING THE TRAINING, but we talked through that the engine was already built and did our best with what we had. A few solid sessions later, Pua was off to Costa Rica to connect with teammates Alex Grant and Manuel "Manny" Prado to recon the Jungle and get set for a week of racing.  

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Pua Mata siegt bei US Marathon Nationalmeisterschaften mit SRM

13. Juli 2013 - vor 9 Jahren, 6 Monaten und 23 Tagen

Monique Pua Mata (Team Cannondale Sho-Air) holte am Wochenende den US Marathon National Championship Titel das dritte Mal in Folge in Sun Valley, Idaho. Pue trainiert und fährt mit dem SRM MTB 2x10 PowerMeter und PowerControl 7. Ihre SRM-Daten zeigen die Stärke und Ausdauer, die die Fahrerinnen im Rennen besitzen müssen.  

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Alban Lakata holt Gold bei UCI Marathon Europameisterschaften

17. Mai 2013 - vor 9 Jahren, 8 Monaten und 18 Tagen

Der österreichische Profi-Mountainbiker Alban Lakata siegte in Singen, Deutschland, am 12. Mai 2013. Der Weltmeister und fünfmalige Österreichische Meister fuhr den Marathon mit dem SRM Mountain Bike Training System. Untenstehend finden Sie Lakatas SRM-Daten dieses Rennens, die veranschaulicht welche immensen Leistungen die Mountainbiker erbringen mussten. 

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