Giro d'Italia Stage 12

Power & Perseverance Through Basso's ITT

The Giro d'Italia's first Individual Time Trial was Stage 12, a 41.9km course from Barbaresco to Barolo through the famous winemaking region in northern Italy. The route featured challenges for every type of rider; climbing, flat sections, straight aways, and tight corners and combined with the stormy wet weather conditions it was a true test of power and skills.

Going into the stage, Cannondale Team Captain, Ivan Basso, was ranked 10th overall in the GC and a top finishing time could likely move him up significantly.  

Basso started tenth from last, with some favorites on the road ahead of him, and the rest starting behind. He quickly settled into his aero tuck and focused on tapping out a steady fast rhythm.

Just before the first time check, one of Basso’s tires was punctured. He stopped, and was quickly given a spare bike. He jumped about the new bike and went about trying to re-find his rhythm. Then, with four kilometers remaining, his tires lost grip on a slippery turn and he hit the deck. It was another blow, both to his time, and his focus. He got back on his bike, but struggled to get up to speed. Cannondale Pro Cycling

Ivan Basso (Stage 12 TT)

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Ivan and the Cannnondale Pro Cycling training team provided the SRM race file to illustrate the power and perseverance shown in yesterday's effort as he worked through both a puncture and crash, a true testament to his strength as Team Captain.

Basso races at 183cm (6'0") with approximately 69kg (154lbs) and in the 1 hour TT averaged over 408 watts requiring 1,155 kilocalories. His average cadence was 81rpm with a 40kph average speed. Ivan's maximum speed in the mid-race descent was nearly 80kph and even after the crash he was able to regain focus and delivered efforts over 730 watts going into the final kilometers. 

It was a disappointing ride for the Cannondale team captain. “Two stops in time trial are big problems in terms of time. Besides the important seconds I lost due to stopping, I also lost the rhythm of the race. The result doesn’t reflect the real performance I did at all. If I have to comment the result, I’m not happy. But looking to the performance, yes. Anyway, you can’t fight bad luck. What I understand from this race is that I feel good – this is the signal I need before the mountains.” - Ivan Basso

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