Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Beisel Battles the Elements and Altitude with SRM

Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb - Colorado Springs, CO

This is the same course that the International Auto Hill climb has been using for 85 years. Cyclists negotiate over 154 turns and climb over 4,700 feet in 12 miles to reach the summit. The epic ascent combined with bone chilling temperatures, 40 mile per hour winds and a dense fog limiting visibility at the summit made this year’s event a true challenge to every rider! coscycling.com

SRM athlete and Colorado Springs local pro, Kalan Beisel, shared his SRM data from the day's adventure.

Pikes Peak Power

Click on SRM File to Enlarge.

"High winds that forced the windchill factor below 20 degrees thrashed the riders who attempted the 12.4-mile climb to the peak’s 14,115-foot summit."

The Gazette reported more than 300 riders took part in The Broadmoor Pikes Peak Cycling Hill Climb this year and the higher they climbed, the tougher the conditions became. "Just being a part of this climb this year is an incredible achievement. The times don’t matter," elite rider LeRoy Popowski said.

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