Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 2

Pelucchi Powers to Sprint Victory on SRM

March 13, Stage 2: San Vincenzo - Cascina 166km

IAM Cycling's Matteo Pelucchi seized the moment in the Stage 2 sprint finish, taking the win over some of cycling's strongest sprinters. 

The 25 year old Italian road professional, with a background on the track, demonstrated his strength and skill as a sprinter after picking the perfect line and crossing just ahead of Arnaud Demare and André Greipel.

Matteo, racing at 1m82 with approximately 74kg, shared his SRM race data to illustrate the early season demands of Tirreno-Adriatico and his efforts required to win the day's sprint. 

Tirreno-Adriatico: Matteo Pelucchi

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Pelucchi averaged 188 watts over the 166km stage with an average cadence of 66rpm. He held an average speed of 41kph with a 141bpm heart rate average requiring over 2,100 kilocalories. 

The Final Kilometer

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Once inside the final kilometer, Matteo averaged over 655 watts with a cadence average of 102rpm at 61kph average speed.

"Roger Kluge and Heinrich Haussler were assigned to protect me" Matteo reported, "they slotted me into an ideal position once we passed under the final kilometer marker."

300 Meter Mark

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"The whole sprint set up was total confusion and chaos," Matteo recalls. "There really wasn’t much of a team with a train to take the situation in hand.  I initially set myself onto Cavendish’s wheel, but then I gained a few places to grab onto Greipel with 300 meters to go. I came out from behind his draft and in spite of the head wind, I held on for the win.”

Matteo dedicated his victory to teammate, Kristof Goddaert, who recently died in a tragic crash. “This victory is for you, Kristof.  I gave everything I had to have this chance to dedicate a win to you up there, from where you are looking down and watching us.”

IAM Cycling team bike with SRM Shimano 9000 PowerMeter

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