Vuelta a España Stage 3

RadioShack in Red with Horner's Heroic Stage Win

Vuelta a España's Stage 3 followed a relatively flat 184.8km route along the Spanish sea coast and featured a summit finish in Mirador de Lobeira.

RadioShack Leopard's accomplished veteran rider, Chris Horner, made a successful solo attack on the final climb, a 2km ascent with an average grade of 10%.

Horner's momentous move came in the last kilometer and the SRM race file below illustrates his efforts throughout the stage and highlights his climbing strength as he battled for the win.

Vuelta a España Stage 3: Chris Horner

Chris Horner, the 41 year old American professional racing at approximately 65kg, crossed the line in 4:30:18 with an average power of 200 watts. Horner's average speed was 40kph with a 74rpm average cadence. Total altitude gain for the day was 1,711 meters and throughout the race he burned over 3,300 kilocalories. 


“It was fantastic today," recalls Chris. "... I went full gas to the line.  It’s always a gift to win.  And when you win here with all of these world class riders, you know you are one of the best riders, too, and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

SRM Power in the Final 4km

In the final 4km ascent Chris pushed 430 average watts for over seven minutes. His average cadence in this segment was 85rpm and he maintained an average speed of 33kph.

"The final pitch was just enough to stir things up after a crash saw many riders hit the ground. Horner avoided the carnage and jumped clear in the last kilometer."

The Leap to Lobeira

Chris made his solo attack inside the final kilometer leaving all others behind with a 654 watt surge uphill. He averaged 520 watts for over two minutes in the last kilometer to the summit.

"There were so many attacks that when I finally got to the last rider I wasn’t 100 percent sure he was the last guy, but in the car they were telling me to ‘Go! Go!"

Chris Horner: RadioShack Leopard (Stage 3)

Race Averages

Time 4:30:18 min
AVG Power 200.9 watts
AVG Heart rate not available
AVG Speed 39.26 kph
AVG Cadence 74.0 rpm
ALT Gain 1,711.0 meters
Distance 184.8 kilometers
Energy 3,406.26 kilojoules
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