Dirk Bockel Wins Challenge Roth

SRM Triathlete Goes 7:52:02 in Roth

SRM Triathlete, Dirk Bockel, won the 12th edition of Challenge Roth, the European Long-Distance Championship on July 14th, 2013. Inspired by record crowds and perfect race conditions Bockel completed the 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike, and the final 42 kilometer marathon run in 7:52:01.

“This was a dream coming true for sure,” said Bockel. “I’ve been doing triathlon for 24 years now and I would never have imagined I could do this time – believing is such a big part of this sport, as well as putting in the work. I had my fastest ever swim, fastest bike and fastest run. I’m not known for my run, but I got a PB, a new national record. To cut it short, it’s a dream come true."

Challenge Roth: Dirk Bockel (Leopard Trek)

Dirk, racing for Team Leopard Trek, was first off the bike with an average power output of 286 watts, at 76kg. His cadence average was 90rpm with an average speed of 42kph over the bike course. Dirk's performance on the bike required over 4,000 kilocalories.

Race Averages

Time 4:15:00 min
AVG Power 286.3 watts
AVG Heart rate 149.2 bpm
AVG Speed 41.64 kph
AVG Cadence 90.3 rpm
ALT Gain 943 meters
Distance 180 kilometers
Energy 4,406.4 kilojoules
Dirk Bockel increased is lead on the bike to 11:00 by the time he arrived at T-2

First 20km on the Bike

Dirk pushed nearly 300 average watts in the first 20 kilometers of the bike as he distanced himself from the mens field, a lead that he would continue to build throughout the day.

Challenge Roth - Lap 1

Bockel managed to gap the chase group quickly and for most of the first lap his advantage was around 2 minutes or more. He averaged 295 watts in lap 1 with over 41kph average speed.

Dirk was the first out of T-1 and held his lead for the win

Challenge Roth - Lap 2

As the Pro men started the second lap the chase group began to fall apart and Bockel pulled further and further away. Dirk delivered 278 average watts in lap 2 as he gained confidence in his lead and prepared for the run transition.

By the time Dirk reached the bike-run transition he had over 7 minutes on second place and continued to extend his lead over the marathon run to victory.

Dirk trains and races with the SRM Dura-Ace 7900 PowerMeter and PowerControl7
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