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Integrating SRM Power and Diabetes Technology

Team Virtu Cycling is a women's team on the World Tour. The team's profiles include Amber Neben from the United States, UCI World Champion in Time Trial from 2016, Danish-New Zealand Linda Willumsen, and long-time SRM ambassador, Rachel Neylan of Australia. The team is part of the Virtu Cycling Group. 

SRM PowerMeter


Named for having all components designed by SRM - the original PowerMeter, is our first modular-concept PowerMeter.





Interchangeable spindles, adjustable crank arm length, multiple chainring combinations, rechargeable battery option... all crafted around cutting-edge carbon crank arms offering superior stiffness to weight ratio for unparalleled performance!

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SRM PowerControl8

Professionals Choice

Industry leading data reception rate, GPS enabled, innovative design – PC8.

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