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Wiggins Smashes Hour Record!

On Sunday June 7th, surrounded by thousands of cheering spectators in the sold-out Lee Valley VeloPark, Sir Bradley Wiggins rode his way into the Record books! Bradley rode 54.526 kilometers in, what has been referred to as, the "cruelest" hour, beating the current record by an astonishing 1.589 kilometers.

SRM is the official PowerMeter sponsor of Sir Bradley Wiggins and his new Team WIGGINS, making this the 4th SRM-powered Hour Record since Jens Voigt re-ignited the spark for Hour glory last September following a change in UCI bike regulations. Four-out-of-five record breaking rides have been SRM-powered athletes!

Bradley, together with his performance team, relied on SRM's Gold Standard accuracy and precision as he trained and prepared for this challenge. SRM data was collected during simulations and tests to track and analyze his progress leading up to the attempt. During the actual record ride Wiggins used a track-specific crank not designed to measure power, but offering other advantages for this type of event. Due to regulations, the rider is not permitted to see real-time data from the SRM PowerMeter during an official attempt so British Cycling's crank model was selected.

Here is a look at Hour Record bikes with SRM:

Jens Voigt: 51.110km
Matthias Brändle: 51.852km
Rohan Dennis: 52.491km

Event Impressions

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