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SRM Official Supporter of UCI Centre Mondial du Cyclisme

27. March 2014 - 28 days ago

SRM is proud to be named an official supporter of the UCI Centre Mondial du Cyclisme coaching program. The program, based in Aigle Switzerland, will now utilize the SRM Training System for developing cyclists both on the road and track. 

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SRM User Changeable Battery Hits Pro Cycling

25. March 2014 - 30 days ago

Cofidis Pro Cycling will be the first team in professional cycling to be equipped with the SRM FSA K-Force Light BB386 PowerMeter featuring a user changeable battery. SRM is proud to welcome the French team to the sponsorship program this year and is excited to promote the new product line within the pro peloton and European markets.   

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SRM PowerControl7 Firmware Update

18. February 2014 - 2 months and 7 days ago

February 17, 2014 SRM released a firmware update for PowerControl7. The new firmware improves the ability of the PowerControl7 to receive sensor data. We encourage all PC7 users to complete the firmware update to ensure data quality.  Please visit SRM's software page to proceed:  www.srm.de/products/software/  1. Download the SRM Software (Mac or Windows) 2. Install the new software 3. Open SRM Software and connect the PC7 4. Click PowerControl "Flash Firmware" Please do not hesitate to contact SRM Customer Support for further assistance. Thank you. 

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Workshop: "Performance Diagnostics in Endurance Sports"

23. January 2014 - 3 months and 2 days ago

Performance analysis represents an important foundation for meaningful organization and structure of training programs for the health and endurance of athletes. “Maximum Oxygen Uptake”, “Lactate”, and “Anaerobic Threshold” are commonly used terms in the coach and athlete vocabulary with parameters determined and interpreted by specialists. With this practical course you will receive detailed insights into the possibilities of performance diagnostics and important parameter information. (Spiroergometry, lactate diagnostics, SRM High Performance Ergometer).  

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New Location for SRM Oceania

20. January 2014 - 3 months and 4 days ago


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