PC8 Device Agent Update

Download V2.1.191 Now

Attention SRM PC8 users... 

Please update to the latest Device Agent V2.1.191: www.srm.de/products/software/

Device Agent V2.1.191 will automatically alert you to new versions of Device Agent and PC8 firmware updates as available.

The latest PC8 Firmware features VAM, 30sec Live VAM, 4min Max and Avg Power, Russian language option, Power Zones by Percent of FTP, and more...

Download the new Device Agent, connect PC8, and follow prompts for new firmware.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Step by step (click on images to enlarge)

Visit the SRM Software page and scroll down to Device Agent V2.1.191, click Download File
Follow Installer instructions and be sure your computer's Security/Privacy settings are correct.
Complete install and continue use
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