WiFi Activated for PC8

New Firmware Released for PowerControl8

Welcome to the next level of SRM PC8

A one-step update to enhance your training and racing experience!

Features list for V2.5.6

  • Improved GPS to system time syncronisation
  • Added screen for manual time settings in system menu
  • Calibration screen redesigned to support setting the crank length in non-SRM PowerMeters
  • Added CP4, CP16 metrics
  • Added new automatic 3 point FTP calculation
  • Added bike profile name to sleep screen
  • Added WiFi upload capability
  • Added screenshot overview in history screen
  • Added screenshot upload screen to history menu
  • Added activity upload screen to history menu
  • Added WiFi setup screen in connectivity menu with WiFi protected setup
  • Added Gateway screen to connectivity menu
  • Added wakeup from sleep with short MODE button press
  • Moved GPS settings to bike profiles
  • Increased upper limit of intervals to 99
  • Automatic altitude calibration during the ride
  • Improved distance calculation when riding with Powertap and GPS speed
  • Revised screenshot filenames to local time instead of UTC time
  • Added delete screenshot message
  • Improved heart rate pairing
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Updates within PC8 DeviceAgent
    • Progress bar while loading activities    
    • Button for log report with attached PC8Settings file
    • Different color for messages
    • SRMNews tab
    • Wireless inteface and UploadServer connectivity
    • New ResfFULL Training Peaks API
    • Added Velo HERO gateway
    • Screenshots management: save, upload to Facebook, Twitter and send by email
    • Scheduled update agent implemented (scans every hour for updates)


Firmware update available in SRM DeviceAgent

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- Requires SRM DeviceAgent version 2.5.225
- Connect PC8 to computer, open SRM DA
- Find SRM DeviceAgent downloads here



SRM PC8 now with WiFi

New firmware allows PC8 users to quickly and easily upload ride files to Strava, TrainingPeaks, Email, SelfLoops, and social media with WiFi 

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Enhanced Metrics

Critical Power and automatic 3 point FTP calculations

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News in PC8 DeviceAgent

Find new product updates and announcements with a daily news feed

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Remote Assistance 

Direct access to tech support through SRM DeviceAgent with "Report Notes"

Need more information?

Check the forum SRMSERVICE.COM

Or the PC8 User Manual