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Cape Epic 2017

20. March 2017 - 10 days ago

Endurance athletes are continually looking for that next challenge: the next big test, “a do-it-before-you-die” event, that next thing on your bucket list. Why? Many reasons, but I think the answer lies in the spirit of the human soul – the part of us that strives to become better, the part that wants to be tried and pushed outside the comfort zone. The event is the tangible goal to achieve, but the journey by which it takes us is usually what we are thirsty for.  

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SRM and Soudal-Lee Cougan Racing Team

15. March 2017 - 15 days ago

Buonconvento (SI), 5 marzo 2017 – Nella sala gremita della Vecchia Scuderia dell’Agriturismo Pieve a Salti di Buonconvento si è rinnovato un appuntamento che dal 2014 anticipa nella struttura turistica senese, l’inizio di una nuova stagione di gare della squadra off road di Soudal, diventata nel 2017, grazie alla partecipazione diretta di Stardue Srl, distributrice per l’Italia del marchio statunitense LEE COUGAN Bicycles, SOUDAL-LEE COUGAN Racing Team. La serata è stata condotta dallo speaker Silvio Mevio, voce del gran galà, che ha aperto la 15ª stagione di una squadra che si presenta al top anche per la stagione 2017. Un pezzo del passato e tanto futuro in SOUDAL-LEE COUGAN Racing Team che ha radunato all’Agriturismo Pieve a Salti, dirigenti, tecnici, sponsor, corridori, ribadendo orgogliosamente il proprio legame con il territorio toscano.  Tante strette di mano e tante parole per mettere i punti fermi dell’attività dell’imminente stagione per cui il General Manager Stefano Gonzi ha messo insieme un gruppo di corridori altamente competitivi in grado di puntare a risultati importanti, con le conferme di Daniele Mensi e Cristian Cominelli a cui ha affiancato i nuovi innesti Luca Ronchi, Stefano Valdrighi e Giovanni Chiaiese. 

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SRM and Polimedical-FRM Team

17. February 2017 - 1 month and 13 days ago

È stato presentato ufficialmente il Team che scenderà sui più importanti campi gara della stagione 2017 vestendo la maglia nero – verde fluo simbolo di Polimedical-Frm. Leo Paez, Pietro Sarai, Mara Fumagalli e Daniele Rainoldi sono i quattro biker che da marzo a ottobre non daranno freno alle loro gambe, percorrendo km e km di tracciati su terreni nazionali ed internazionali. 

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The Truth About Cross: Part 2 – Key Workouts

02. November 2016 - 4 months and 27 days ago

Key Workouts: The whole goal with this article series is to set you up with all the tools that you need in order to make this season, as well as the seasons to come, as successful and enjoyable as possible. With that said, and as a follow up to yesterdays’ article, let’s dive right into the good stuff! VO2 Max Workouts: When we refer to VO2 Max workouts, we’re talking about workouts that train your body’s ability to get the maximum amount of oxygen in to the lungs. The power (effort) which is required to do this is quite high, so plan on a tough session. Here is one such workout that will increase your VO2max and performance at the next cross race: The CrossMax Workout: 4x5min Max Efforts with 5min Rest Between Intervals (RBI) Warm up: 15-20min easy spinning with 3x30s “Openers” and 90s RBI Main Set: You can do this on the road or a cross bike, but since we’re in the season, let’s use that cross bike. The key is the intensity. From a standing start, stomp hard on the pedals, spike the power up into Zone 6 or above for the first 10-15s (as you would in a Cross race) then aim for Zone 5 (or a 9/10 out of 10 perceived effort, since it’s a max effort) and 90-100rpms for the remaining portion of the interval. Spin easy at moderate cadence (80-90rpm) for 5min between intervals, then repeat a total of 4 times. Feeling frisky? I doubt it. If you are, do a 5th interval, but no more… remember, you’ve got a race coming next weekend! Cool Down: 5-10min easy spinning as you head home. For those of you visual learners, let’s look at what this workout looks like on the new SRMX analytical software. We’ll use a workout from Alex Grant of the Cannondale 360 Fly Factory MTB Team: 

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The Truth About Cross

28. October 2016 - 5 months and 1 day ago

Intro: Let’s start with the obvious: Cyclocross is fun. For anyone who loves bikes, training, competition, all in gnarly weather conditions, this sport is for you. As a seasoned athlete, or a novice, Cross has much to offer. There are drawbacks, however. It is hard. It’s intimidating, and training for this goofy sport can be confusing. That’s the truth. Over the next few months, I’ll be walking you through a series of short articles that will help shake those drawbacks, allow you to train properly, and orient you in the proper direction so that the fun-factor is maximized. Whether you’re in the hunt for that gold medal or just want to cross the finish line for the first time, if you have prepared well, you’ll come closer to performing at your best while having a darn good time doing it.  

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