Pua Mata Wins US Marathon National Championships on SRM

Team Cannondale Sho-Air Turns Up the Power with SRM Training

Monique Pua Mata (Team Cannondale Sho-Air) won the US Marathon National Championship title for the third consecutive year last weekend in Sun Valley, Idaho.

Pue trains and races with the SRM MTB 2x10 PowerMeter and PowerControl 7. Her SRM file below is a testament to the strength and endurance demanded at the top of her field. 

SRM Race File: "Pua Power"

Pua completed the 70 kilometer (41 miles) course in 3:24:36, 13 minutes ahead of second place finisher, Serena Gordon. She averaged over 188 watts with a 77rpm average cadence. Pua's heart rate average was 144bpm and after climbing 2,000 meters she burned over 2,700 kilocalories. Due to a speed sensor error on course the distance and average speed are not accurate/available.

Pua Mata celebrates 3x US National Champion title on the podium

Climb 1: Controlled Effort

Pua completed the first climb in 50 minutes with 237.5 average watts and 77rpm average cadence. Her heart rate on the first climb was 163bpm average with power slightly decreasing as she reached the summit.

Climb 2: Proper Pacing

Pua is able to pace herself well with the SRM on the second loop climb and completes the ascent in nearly the same time, 51:31. Her power is slightly lower, averaging 215.4 watts. Pua's average cadence also decreases slightly to 74rpm and heart rate average rises a fraction to 166bpm, but she remains consistent and strong up to the summit. 

Pua on the SRM MTB 2x10 Training System
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