Le Tour de France Stage 12

Power in the Peloton with Astana's Young Alexey Lutsenko

Stage 12 of the Tour de France began in the city of Fougeres and followed a long flat 218km route into Tours. The majority of the course featured flat wide roads, but two sharp turns greeted the peloton as they approached the final kilometers which caused a serious crash creating chaos before the final sprint. Marcel Kittel of Argos Shimano took the stage victory followed by Mark Cavendish and Peter Sagan.

Today's SRM race file is from Astana's young Alexey Lutsenko who was a dynamic rider in the peloton in Stage 12. Alexey is the 2012 UCI U-23 Road Race World Champion. 

Astana: Alexey Lutsenko (Stage 12)

Alexey averaged over 216 watts over the 218km stage. He averaged a 77.0 cadence at an average speed of 44kph. His performance in Stage 12 required just under 4,000 kilocalories. 

Lutsenko on course racing with the SRM Specialized PowerMeter and "Astana" Blue PowerControl 7.

Race Averages

Time 5:02:07 min
AVG Power 216.2 watts
AVG Heart rate 123.0 bpm
AVG Speed 43.54 kph
AVG Cadence 77.0 rpm
ALT Gain 1,216 meters
Distance 218 kilometers
Energy 3,919.06 kilojoules

Lutsenko's Last 33km

In the final 33km stretch Alexey averaged 255 watts with 84rpm average cadence at 47kph. He delivered multiple power outputs between 700-800 watts throughout this late section in the race.

Lutsenko in the break during Stage 5

SRM Power in the Final 2km

After more than 215 kilometers, Alexey was able to hold 372 average watts in the final 2 kilometers! His average cadence was 86rpm with a 50kph average speed. He pushed over 1,000 watts just before reaching the finish line at 56kph.

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