Le Tour de France Stage 13

Saxo-Tinkoff Launches Attack in the Crosswinds

Stage 13 in the Tour de France departed from the metropolitan city of Tours and followed a 173km route to finish in Saint-Amond-Montrond, the very center of France. The stage was flat with fierce cross winds blowing the peloton apart by the end. Cavendish took the final sprint just in front of Peter Sagan. The two sprinters were riding with a front group of 14 dominated by Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff.

The SRM race file below is from Nicolas Roche of Saxo-Tinkoff. Nico is a two time National Champion from Ireland and represented his home country in the 2008 Summer Olympics in the Men's Road Race. 

Stage 13 - Nicolas Roche (Saxo-Tinkoff)

Saxo-Tinkoff's Irish rider, Nicolas Roche, finished in the first group after participating in a dynamic team attack lead by Alberto Contador in the last 31km. Overall Nicolas averaged 264 watts in the 173km stage. His average cadence was 79rpm at a 47kph average speed. Roche's average heart rate was 137 bpm and the day's effort required nearly 3,500 kilocalories.

Race Averages

Time 3:39:56 min
AVG Power 263.9 watts
AVG Heart rate 137.0 bpm
AVG Speed 47.03 kph
AVG Cadence 79.0 rpm
ALT Gain 815 meters
Distance 173 kilometers
Energy 3,482.42 kilojoules

Saxo-Tinkoff Team Attack (Last 31km)

With 31km to go Saxo Bank Tinkoff took advantage of the gusty wind and launched an attack causing another break and leaving Froome behind. At this point the group of 14 now included Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff with Sagan and Cavendish leading.

Nico's SRM data in the final 31km illustrates how efficiently a group of 14 can ride together. Roche averaged 368 watts in the last 35 minutes with a cadence average of 96rpm. His average speed was over 52kph with a 173 average heart rate.

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