Le Tour de France Stage 16

Costa Powers to Stage 16 Win up Col de Manse

Stage 16 of the Tour de France was set between the rest day and the mountain Time Trial. The 168km course ran from Vaison-la-Romaine to Gap featuring two early climbs, ending with the infamous Col de la Manse and the narrow, technical descent into Gap.

Today's victory belonged to Movistar Team and their Portuguese pro, Rui Costa. The two-time Tour de Suisse winner made his move early on the final climb and held his lead with a skilled descent into the Gap finish.

The SRM race file below is from Rui Costa at approximately 67kg.

Stage 16 Win: Rui Costa (Movistar Team)

Costa won Stage 16 in just under four hours with an average power of 246 watts. He averaged 79rpm cadence at an average speed of 43kph. Costa's heart rate average during the race was 153bpm and after climbing nearly 2,000 meters he burned over 3,000 kilocalories.  

"I knew today was a good day for me," Costa adds. "With those two climbs in the beginning to respond the moves with strength rather than relying on good luck. My legs felt well all day - I knew it had to be my day. It was hard to get the break going, with lots of riders trying to stay at front..."

Attacking on the Climb

"I really knew the place to move was the last climb," Costa recalls. "Everything went as I planned: jumping into the uphill and reaching the top with a gap."

Costa made his attack in the first 3 kilometers of the climb with 400 average watts (approximately 6 watts/kg). In the total 10km ascent Rui pushed 381 average watts. His cadence average up the climb was 88rpm at an average speed of 30.3kph. 

MoviStar Team trains and races on the SRM Campagnolo PowerMeter and PowerControl 7

A Winning Descent

Costa maintained his lead with a flawless descent into Gap. His mastered downhill technique allowed him to push over 237 average watts at an average speed of nearly 60kph. His maximum speed on the final descent was 75kph and a maximum power output of 760 watts on the downhill.  

"The final kilometer was really beautiful, with such big crowds in both sides. It's something I will remember for the rest of my life." Rui Costa, Movistar Team

Race Averages

Time 3:51:32 min
AVG Power 246.0 watts
AVG Heart rate 153.0 bpm
AVG Speed 43.03 kph
AVG Cadence 79.0 rpm
ALT Gain 1,984 meters
Distance 168 kilometers
Energy 3,417 kilojoules
Stage 16 Podium
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