Le Tour de France Stage 7

RadioShack Leopard Out in Front on SRM

Stage 7 of the Tour de France was 205.5km from Montpellier to Albi featuring 4 climbs with over 2,300 meters total altitude gain. Team RadioShack Leopard Trek pushed hard throughout the stage with Jens Voigt early in the front followed by Jan Bakelant in the second half of the race. In the end Cannondale Pro Cycling's Peter Sagan won the sprint for his first stage win in the 100th Tour de France.

Stage 7 Power with Jens Voigt

Cycling legend, Jens Voigt, went out in front early in Stage 7 for RadioShack Leopard Trek. He averaged 265 watts with an average cadence of 78 rpm. Jens held an average speed of over 40 kpm on the 205.5km course. His heart rate average was 142 bpm and the day's effort required over 4,800 kilocalories.

Jens pushing out front

SRM Highlight: 24km

In an early 24 kilometer section Jens pushed over 350 average watts with 88 rpm average cadence. 

Jens Voigt Stage 7

Jan Bakelant's SRM Data: Stage 7

Former yellow jersey holder, Jan Bakelant, hit the gas later in the day with several high power outputs marked in the latter half. Overall, Jan delivered 227 average watts in the stage with 77 average cadence. His average heart rate was 137 bpm with over 4,000 kilocalories burned.

Jan Bakelant on SRM in Stage 7

Bakelant's Final Climb

Jan aggressively climbed the final ascent in 12 minutes with an average power of 371.5 watts and 173 bpm heart rate. He had a 827 watt peak power reaching the top of this climb.

Jan Bakelant on the SRM Dura-Ace 9000 PowerMeter

Power in the Final 15 Minutes

In the flat/downhill stage end, Jan averaged over 300 watts with an average speed of 52 kph. 

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