USA Pro Challenge Stage 6 & 7

Winning in the Rockies with Peter Sagan on SRM

Peter Sagan, Cannondale Pro Cycling's power-house sprinter, won the final two stages of the USA Pro Challenge. He took four stage victories throughout the race and finished with the Green Jersey. 

Sagan, racing at approximately 75kg, has shared his SRM data from the final stages emphasizing the demands of racing in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and the powerful sprint efforts needed for victory.

USA Pro Challenge Stage 6: Peter Sagan

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Peter won Stage 6 (Loveland to Fort Collins) in 4:01:33. He averaged 253.5 watts over 185.4km with 74rpm average cadence. Sagan averaged over 45kph climbing 1,618 meters, an effort requiring 3,600 kilocalories. 

SRM Power in the Final 1km

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Peter pushed over 612 average watts with 60kph average speed in the final 1km. His maximum power in the sprint reached above 1,500 watts.

"I want to dedicate this victory to my teammate, Fabio Sabatini, who crashed the other day and is still in the hospital," Sagan declared at the finish. "I also want to give a 'thank you' for all my teammates. They did very good work all day."

Peter Sagan racing Stage 6 on the SRM Cannondale PowerMeter.

Race Averages (Stage 6)

Time 4:01:33 min
AVG Power 253.5 watts
AVG Heart rate not available
AVG Speed 45.38 kph
AVG Cadence 74.0 rpm
ALT Gain 1,618.0 meters
Distance 185.4 kilometers
Energy 3,696.54 kilojoules

The final stage of the 2013 USA Pro Challenge was a twisty circuit race in downtown Denver, Colorado. The 14.65km loop was classic criterium style with eight laps totaling 117.6km.

USA Pro Challenge Stage 7: Peter Sagan

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Inside the Final 1km (Stage 7)

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Sagan's Final Sprint (Stage 7)

Rave Averages (Stage 7)

Time 2:27:15 min
AVG Power 242.5 watts
AVG Heart rate not available
AVG Speed 46.95 kph
AVG Cadence 80.0 rpm
ALT Gain 280 meters
Distance 116.5 kilometers
Energy 2,137.64 kilojoules
Cannondale Pro Cycling's Peter Sagan put in a dominating performance in the 3rd edition of the USA Pro Challenge with four stage victories, a record for the young race.
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