Ironman St. Croix 70.3

SRM Pro Women 1st and 2nd

SRM sponsored triathletes Catriona Morrison and Joanna Lawn took the top two spots at Ironman St. Croix 70.3 earlier in May. Both Cat and Joanna have been in the SRM Sponsorship Program, training and racing with SRM, since 2010. The two have participated in SRMlive Telemetry at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and have been contributing race data consistently throughout their race seasons. 

Joanna (left) and Catriona (right) shared their SRM race files from St. Croix below.

SRM Race File - Catriona Morrison

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Cat finished first in 4:38:56. She was first off the bike in 2:39:16. Her average power over the 56 mile bike was 217 watts with an average cadence of 73rpm. Cat required nearly 2,000 kilocalories to power though the course.

Note: Cat did not use a speed sensor in this race, speed and distance values are not available.

Cat Morrison trains and races with the SRM Dura-Ace PowerMeter and PowerControl 7

"The Beast"

The Beast is an infamous climb on the bike course in St. Croix

Cat averaged 250 watts up the climb. Joanna averaged 265 watts. Both reached the summit in under 10 minutes.

SRM Race File - Joanna Lawn

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Joanna was third off the bike in 2:42:18 and moved into second place during the half marathon. She averaged nearly 200 watts during the bike leg. Joanna held a higher average cadence of 88rpm, also burning around 2,000 kilocalories.

Note: Joanna did not race with a speed sensor, speed and distance values are not available.

Joanna on the SRM Rotor 3D+ PowerMeter with PowerControl 7
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