SRM PowerControl 7

The Professionals Choice

Data recording and durability. These two factors led our engineers to devise a simple, intuitive, yet robust headunit capable storing over a hundred hours of ride files, all while being practically indestructible. At SRM, the integrity of your training data is our life's work and the PC7 goes beyond the standard 1 second recording interval, and increases to an industry leading 4x/second reception rate.

The SRM PowerControl 7 has been the choice of professionals across the globe for recording their training and racing files for the last 5 years! From the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, the heat of Ironman-Kona, the mud and snow of cyclocross, as well as the pressure sprayers from every mechanic in between, the PowerControl 7 survives season after season!

The screen, while simplistic, was designed to be ergonomically functional, allowing for easy read out at the glance of the eye with its high contrast even in direct sunlight. While many companies now have followed our lead, the placement of the PowerControl head unit in front of the bars, centered with the stem, has been in the SRM design for the last 25 years. Typically overlooked as an aesthetic choice, the front of the bar placement allows for glancing down with the eyes, without having to move the neck.

The PowerContol 7 is offered in a polyamid or anodized aluminum casing. The polyamid casing has an overall lighter weight and is offered in a larger variety of color options. The anodized aluminum case can be custom laser-engraved and adds more durability to the PC7.

SRM Power Control

PowerControl Aluminum - Colors

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