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Made for Schmicking & Sopur Handbike Axles!

Born in Germany, the THM Clavicula M3 crank, boasts a redefined approach to carbon fiber production. Each crankset is made by hand in Germany to strict quality control standards. The resulting crank arm pushes the absolute limits of carbon fiber technology and the engineering of stiffness to weight ratios. SRM teamed up with THM to make the ultimate "weight weanie" power meter.

At just over 770 grams (including the bottom bracket spindle) the THM Clavicula M3 SRM PowerMeter is nearly 100 grams lighter than other offerings in our MTB product line!

The SRM THM Clavicula M3 PowerMeter is available in a 120/80 BCD 2x10 arrangment, while being compatible with both threaded BSA frames, as well as BB30, PF30, and BB86 PressFit options.

SRM Powermeter

Clavicula M3 Cranks

Balancing innovative carbon fiber design with superior stiffness and lightweight!

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SRM Powermeter

Clavicula M3 MTB 2x10

Seamless integration into BB30, PF30 and Threaded BSA frames.


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