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Made for tough training

The SRM Smart IT

The SRM IndoorTrainer was designed to be the ultimate, no-compromise indoor training experience. The third generation SRM SmartIT introduces smart features and 11-speed shifting and thus further improves the riding experience and training control.

The SRM SmartIT connects via Bluetooth to your Tablet, Smartphone, PC or Apple TV. You can create and customize your own training programs with our SmartIT app or join your friends on a ride in the virtual worlds of Zwift, Kinomap and other training apps.

The modular design of the SRM SmartIT allows for a lot of customizations. You can make it your own, by choosing your favorite handlebar, variable length aluminum cranks , carbon cranks or electronic shifting. Adding a torque box will enable you to do an in-depth analysis of your pedal strokes and left right balance.

Authentic ride feeling

The SmartIT sets itself apart with its authentic ride feeling.

The flywheel simulates the kinetic energy that you experience on the road. Our 11-speed shifting is key to for the authentic ascent and decent simulation.

Saddle and handlebar are infinitely adjustable to give you the ability to copy and improve the ride position from your road, mountain or track bike. To ensure that everyone gets the most similar experience to their actual bike, any saddle or handlebar can be mounted on the SmartIT. The integrated scales make the SmartIT the perfect tool for bike fitting.

Total Control

The SmartIT can be controlled from the included remote control, the Smart IT app or a third-party software like Zwift. This gives you the ability to do freerides, customized workouts or online trainings at any time.

Because of the tight integration of our new Smart IT break and the SRM Origin PowerMeter you can train by target power or resistance. Power can be controlled in 5-Watt increments, is measured with SRM accuracy and all data is stored in the SRM PowerControl8 (optional) or another head unit of your choice.

Hard Training

The SmartIT is built as a tool for serious training sessions. Its strong metal frame is designed for the hardest sprint trainings. All components are made of either stainless steel or powder coated to ensure sweat resistance and long term durability.

The SRM Smart IT App

Build your own training sessions via drag and drop and keep control over your efforts during and after the training!

Smart IT Specs


The SRM SmartIT is highly customizable and available in three different base configurations:

Upgrade your existing SRM Indoortrainer

Some of our previous Indoortrainers allow for integration of the new Smart Brake. To see if your Indoortrainer can be upgraded, please contact us.


Smart IT standard version

The standard version of the SRM SmartIT includes the frame (incl. handlebars and seat), Smart Brake and Origin Aluminium PowerMeter.

The base price for the standard version is €5500 (excl. tax).

Optionally, you can add the SRM PC8 for €500 (excl. tax).

Smart IT Science

The SmartIT Science includes the frame(incl. handlebars and seat), Smart Brake, SRM Science PowerMeter with variable cranks.

With the optional torque box you will be able to measure and display torque in real time.

Price on request:




Smart IT Manual


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