SRM PowerMeter FSA K-Force Light

Hollow Carbon Arm – SRM Supremacy

The FSA K-Force Light Crank Set raises the bar in carbon manufacturing yet again

FSA is one of the top suppliers of equipment in the world of cycling, having decades of experience in the use of high end materials, especially carbon fiber! FSA’s manufacturing process is known across the industry for its quality control standards, setting FSA apart as the leading supplier of carbon-based cranks. In collaboration with SRM, FSA developed a carbon crank which integrates with the SRM PowerMeter spider/chassis. The K-Force Light is the FSA 3rd generation carbon crank set with hollow arm design delivering the lightest, stiffest and strongest component possible. The SRM-K-Force Light PowerMeter is compatible with both 10 and 11 speed drivetrains.

Available in the following options:

SRM PowerMeter FSA K-Force Light BB386 - 130mm BCD, 53 / 39

SRM PowerMeter FSA K-Force Light BB386 - 110mm BCD, 50 / 34*

*Coming Spring 2014!



The SRM Training System -
Ready for your terrain.


K-Force SRM

K-Force Light Crank Arms

Featuring Hollow Monocoque composite arms yielding the highest stiffness to weight ratio possible!


Powered By Experience

Each SRM PowerMeter and PowerControl head-unit is made one at a time, by hand. Our production facilities are located in Jülich, Germany and Colorado Springs, USA. Every step of production is carried out by highly trained engineers and technicians who have a passion for quality craftsmanship.


Dependability you can count on

Each SRM system is designed to withstand the rigors of training and racing in all conditions! The internal battery of the SRM PowerMeter allows for worry-free training while maintaining the industry's leading waterproof PowerMeter design. A three-year global warranty against defects backs up your investment and offers peace of mind. SRM maintains its hard earned industry leading accuracy and data transmission to yield unrivaled power measurement performance!

Race proven durability

Accuracy is Everything

SRM uses a 144 point calibration protocol against a known mass measured to the exact gram. With precise calibration and our Auto-Offset feature, the resulting power measurement of the SRM has error of less than 1%. The scientific community has been publishing peer reviewed research for over 20 years using the PowerMeter as the bench mark for measuring power in physiological and human performance research studies. We don't claim anything, our accuracy is proven.


Scientifically Proven

Race Proven Durability

PowerMeters are designed to take whatever you can throw at them. Each SRM is sealed against water, snow, mud, sand, and cleaning solvents. SRM PowerMeters are designed to work. We back that up with a three-year global warranty. If you can break it, we'll fix it.



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