SRM Torque Analysis System

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Analyze Your Efficiency!

Measuring torque is one of the best methods to optimize bike fit, analyze aerodynamic position and monitor injury rehabilitation progress. The SRM Torque Analysis System gives users a complete graphical distribution of power during all 360 degrees of the pedal revolution, and to analyze the strengths of different pedaling styles. The SRM Ethernet Torque Analysis Box is a rugged and effective solution designed to the exacting standards of all SRM products.

The included software provides online data analysis and simple one-key recording of data. Torque is displayed in 3 different types: Nm, Kgm, Nm/Kg.

Revolution data can be saved with unique rider profiles and overlayed with information from previous sessions to track changes. Differential analysis at any point of the pedal revolution means that it is easy to understand and communicate rider strengths. Additionally, data can easily be exported to PDF, image (PNG), and CSV row data. 

Compatible with: MS Windows (XP or higher), Apple OSX (10.5 or higher)

Requires Java RE 1.6 or higher, Ethernet Port [RJ45] and a special PowerMeter for signal transmission

The SRM Torque Analysis System is compatible only with stationary bikes and must be used with Torque Compatible SRM PowerMeter (offered as option on selected SRM PowerMeters).

SRM recommends the using of the torque analysis in combination with a SRM IndoorTrainer. At the SRM ErgoMeter the torque analysis is included.

Multi-Platform Software

The SRM Torque Analysis System uses a Java based platform allowing for use across both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The software gives real time graphical feedback for each pedal stroke, as well as a recording feature to analyze multiple pedal strokes over time.


Simple. Easy. Effective Analysis!

Our intuitive hardware design allows for quick installation and easy operation, all while providing detailed laboratory grade pedaling and torque analysis.

SRM Torque Win 1.1.0 Build 201302191433

Compatible with: MS Windows (XP or higher)


1, 10.3 M

SRM Torque Mac 1.1.0 Build 201302191433

Compatible with: Apple OSX (10.5 or higher)

1, 10.0 M

SRM Torque Analysis System Manual

Installation and User Manual - English Version 1.1.0

PDF, 3.1 M

AthletiCamps in Folsom, CA is a Certified SRM Torque Analysis Center equipped with a Retul fit system. Visit for more information!

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