Novo Nordisk

Integrating SRM Power and Diabetes Technology

"We are thrilled to be the official PowerMeter of Team Novo Nordisk this season. The team’s mission to inspire, educate and empower people affected by diabetes is inspiring and together we will open new doors to innovation in diabetes technology and cycling. Combining consistent, accurate performance data from SRM with real-time glucose and insulin information will bring a higher level of understanding and more precise management of diabetes for cyclists at all levels of the sport. Team Novo Nordisk will be a key partner in taking the next step in training and racing with diabetes and SRM looks forward to improving the lives and cycling experience for those affected by diabetes.” – Uli Schoberer, SRM Founder         

SRM PowerMeter


Named for having all components designed by SRM - the original PowerMeter, it is the first modular-concept PowerMeter by SRM.





Interchangeable axles, adjustable crank arm length, multiple chainring combinations, rechargeable battery option... all crafted around cutting-edge carbon crank arms offering superior stiffness to weight ratio for unparalleled performance!

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SRM PowerControl8

Professionals Choice

Industry leading data reception rate, GPS enabled, innovative design – PC8.

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