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The SRM Training System is intended to take your training and racing to the next level by incorporating power based training into your routine. Training with a PowerMeter can allow you to specifically target the actual demands of your goals, pace your effort on race day, organize your workout schedule and track fitness trends with consistent, accurate data. Now you can objectively find your limits and train to push beyond them!

Meet the first crank based powermeter

First Patented in 1987, the SRM PowerMeter gave the cycling world one of its greatest innovations for performance based training tools. Training by the metric of power allows for cyclists to have truly objective data based on their performance, rather than rely on heart rate, speed and perceived exertion. Power output is not directly influenced by environmental factors.

Seamless Integration into every drivetrain

Each SRM PowerMeter has been designed for simple installation and intuitive operation, while being compatible with 9, 10, or 11 speed drivetrains. Road, mountain, triathlon, BMX or Track disciplines; if there is a need to improve cycling performance, there is an SRM to fit your bike!

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The SRM powermeter utilizes strain gauge based torque measuring

The SRM PowerMeter functions with a simple, yet exhaustively refined design. Inside each SRM PowerMeter are four measuring bridges connecting the chain rings (drivetrain) to the crank arms (the rider). As force from the rider's leg is applied to the crank arm (Torque), the bridges measure the amount of force being applied. That force is multiplied by the speed of the pedal stroke (known as Angular Velocity). Torque X Angular Velocity = Power


Technology like this used to only be found in the Space Program

In 1992, Doctors and exercise scientists at the University of Udine needed to measure the effects of human performance in zero gravity conditions. Ulrich Schoberer (President of SRM), designed an SRM cycling ergometer which was launched into space and used aboard the MIR space station in the only cycling specific human performance study in earth’s orbit!

the srm training system is ANT+ Compatible

While the SRM was designed to be used as a complete system, each SRM PowerMeter can also be paired with 3rd party compatible ANT+ head units allowing for expandability to smartphone app technology.

Power control


From 0 – 4200 watts - the SRM measures scientifically-proven accurate power data!

Heart Rate

EKG accurate heart rate transmitting and recording

Data Reception

Receive data packets at the industry leading rate of 4x per second


Track your current altitude and altitude gained on a ride to reach your climbing goals!


Measure the mechanical energy expenditure during your ride to meet the demands of your goal event!


Real time, average, and maximum speed values in kilometers or mile per hour

Power control

track your performance with the SRM analysis software

Completing the SRM Training System is the SRM Analysis Software. Following a training ride or race, you can download a graphical analysis file into either a Windows or Mac platform. Analyzing your power data can give greater insights into training and identify trends in performance. Each file may also be sent electronically to your coach or friend! The SRM software was designed to be as simple or as scientific as you want to make it!

I am Powerful. Each finalé, each finish, each race I strive to be faster than the day before. For me, racing is about improving and my SRM gives me the data I need in training and racing to win.

Peter Sagan

Tinkoff Pro Team

No matter what your cycling discipline

SRM can take your training to the next level