Will my wired PowerMeter work with a PowerControl VI or PowerControl 7?

No, only the PowerControl V will work with a wired PowerMeter. 

The SRM Mac software does not find my power control 6/7, how can I fix this?

This condition can have several causes:

  • The cable used for connecting the power control 6/7 to your Mac can be broken.  Please verify that the cable works by connecting another device to your Mac, and verify it is recognized..
  • The USB port can be unresponsive.  This is a known issue with for example some production runs of the Macbook Pro Retina.  A reboot re-activates the US port in most cases.  To check whether the USB port is unresponsive, please connect another device on this port and verify it is recognized.
  • The serial communication port used to communicate with the power control 6/7 can be blocked by another program.  The SRM Mac release from March 1, 2015, detects this condition and provides the user with the option to terminate any such program.  Please download and install the latest version of SRM Mac from www.srm.de/products/software/, and re-connect the power control 6/7.

Will my PowerControl V work with SRMMac?

No. SRMMac is only compatible with PowerControl VI and PowerControl 7.

Will my PowerControl V work with Windows 8?

Yes, but you have to use a USB to serial port converter cable. 

How do I set total distance on my PowerControl back to zero?

In the SRM software, open up “PowerControl setup” and click on “Clear Odo Values.”

The buttons on my PowerControl are no longer responding correctly.

The keypad has become disconnected from the circuit board. Please download the Service Form and send in your PowerControl to an SRM Service Center. 

Can I physically open the case of my PowerControl?

No, if you open the PowerControl, all warranty is voided and you will be responsible for all repair costs. 

How do I charge my PowerControl?

Your PowerControl VI or 7 can be charged via the wall charger or with the download cable via your computer. Charging your PowerControl via the wall charger will speed up the time required to accept a full charge. If you have a PowerControl V, it can only be charged via the wall charger. If your PowerControl will no longer accept a charge, the battery needs to be replaced at an SRM Service Center. 

Does my PowerControl automatically adjust the zero offset?

If you have a PowerControl VI or PowerControl 7, it will automatically adjust the zero offset during your ride. However, you should still set the zero offset before every ride to ensure the most accurate data. See page 9 of our manual for instructions. 

Do I have to manually program the slope of my PowerMeter into my PowerControl?

  • If you have a PCV, yes. This can be done through the SRMWin software under PowerControl setup.
  • If you have a PCVI or PC7, the slope of your PowerMeter will automatically be transmitted to your PowerControl. However, if the automatic slope is incorrect, you can always set it manually via the SRM Software or through the PowerControl itself.

How do I view average or normalized power while riding?

Normalized Power is a term calculated and trademarked by TrainingPeaks. The PC8 can be configured to display Normalized Power via the SRM PC8 Device Agent. The PowerControl 7 calculates/displays average power, heart rate, speed, and cadence; normalized power is not available on the PC7.

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