Where can I download SRM software?

SRMWin and SRMMac software can be downloaded for free from:

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Will SRMMac work with my PowerControl V?

No, it is not compatible. SRMMac will only work with PowerControl VI and 7.

The SRM Mac software does not find my power control 6/7, how can I fix this?

This condition can have several causes:

  • The cable used for connecting the power control 6/7 to your Mac can be broken.  Please verify that the cable works by connecting another device to your Mac, and verify it is recognized..
  • The USB port can be unresponsive.  This is a known issue with for example some production runs of the Macbook Pro Retina.  A reboot re-activates the US port in most cases.  To check whether the USB port is unresponsive, please connect another device on this port and verify it is recognized.
  • The serial communication port used to communicate with the power control 6/7 can be blocked by another program.  The SRM Mac release from March 1, 2015, detects this condition and provides the user with the option to terminate any such program.  Please download and install the latest version of SRM Mac from, and re-connect the power control 6/7.

Will Windows 8 work with my PowerControl V?

Yes, but you will have to use a USB to serial port converter cable. 

How do I attach my files to an email to send?

  • Open your email program and click on the “Attach File” icon
  • Your SRM files are located in the directory you have designated. Note the default directory is: C:\Program Files\SRM Training System\_Data.SRM
  • Each file is noted by the date and the initials stored in your PowerControl.

Can I use TrainingPeaks/WKO Software?

Yes, you can download and analyze your training data with Training Peaks and WKO+ Software. You must upload into “Device Agent.” You cannot simply drag your SRM file and drop it into TrainingPeaks or WKO+.

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