I cannot find my X-Power Pedals with my phone or headunit!

Given that the pedals are charged, the most common reason for this is that some other device is still using the Bluetooth connection of the Pedals. X-Power only supports one Bluetooth connection at a time. If you are using Bluetooth to connect to your head unit or watch, make sure the device is turned of or out of range when you try to connect the pedals to your phone, and the other way around.

Another reason for the pedals not showing up when you want to connect to them, can be that they are currently charging. As long as you have a charger connected to the pedals, Bluetooth is turned off.

Should I use BLE or ANT+ to connect to my headunit?

Some headunits allow you to pair them with the X-Power using Bluetooth instead of ANT+. This can get a bit confusing for the user, but has the benefit that you can choose whatever connection works better in your particular situation.
If you have issues with the connection between your pedals and your headunit or between the left and right pedal, changing to another connection can be the easiest fix.
External factors like the frame material, the framesize, waterbottles, etc. can influence the signal strength.

1. Connecting with ANT+: When connecting to the pedal via ANT+, you will only need to connect to the right pedal. The left pedal will send it´s signal to the right pedal and the right pedal will relay it to your headunit.

2. Connecting with Bluetooth: When connecting the pedal via Bluetooth, you will need to connect to both Pedals individually. Each pedal will send its signal directly to your headunit. Please make sure that your pedals are not in ZWIFT MODE and not connected to any other Bluetooth device.

Below you can find an example on how to connect the pedals with a Garmin Edge 1030.


My bike computer shows no power or cadence

Check if the X-Power pedals are fully charged, turned on and
paired with your bike computer. Follow the installation process
with the X-Power app and check the realtime data tab to
ensure the pedals show correct data.

I see three different sensors when pairing the pedals to my bike computer

Your bike computer supports ANT+™ and Bluetooth® and
therefore shows all sensors found. Make sure to pair only one
or the other. See the Manual for more information on how to
pair to your device.

Power data is incorrect / Left - right balance is off

Follow the installation process on page 10 of the manual with the X-Power
app once again. Make sure that you entered the correct crank
length and that you oriented the drive side crank downwards
when performing the angle calibration. If the problem persists,
please contact SRM - the info page of the X-Power app is
helpful for diagnosis.

I already have SPD cleats mounted on my shoes

The X-Power binding is compatible with all SPD compatible
cleats. However, a worn cleat might feel looser when engaged
than the enclosed new set. SRM recommends new cleats for
better engagement and power transmission. See the manual
on how to adjust the binding and mount the cleats.

The body or binding is worn out. How can I replace them?

Remove the 4x Torx T10 screws on each side of the pedal
and remove the old binding. Mount a new set of bindings and
tighten the new screws with a torque of 4 Nm (3 lbf.ft) max.
Make sure to adjust the spring tension according to the manual. The complete pedal body can only be replaced at an
authorized SRM Service Center - please contact SRM for
more details.

How do I know I am on the most up to date firmware?

Use the X-Power app on your phone to connect to your
X-Power pedals. If new firmware is available, you will be
notified in the app.

My X-Power does connect to my head unit, but only shows cadence and no power data?

This happens when the angle calibration during the installation process is done using the left pedal instead of the right.
Please redo the installation process and ensure that during the angle calibration step the right pedal is at its lowest position. 

I have calibrated my X-Power with my head unit, but the power it shows is not correct. Why?

"Calibrating" your PowerMeter with your head unit will only reset the zero offset of the PowerMeter. In addition to the Zero offset, the X-Power pedal needs to learn the angle it has been installed in. This can only be done with the installation process in your X-Power mobile App.
Please use the X-Power App on your iOS or Android device.

What is the “Single Leg Mode”?

The Single Leg Mode was developed to enable X-Power dual users to train their legs individually. If this mode is activated, your X-Power pedals are set up to properly display the power that is applied to only one pedal (whatever side you want). 
Please do only activate this mode if you are using only one leg to pedal (during a special training for example)!  
During normal riding the mode should be deactivated.

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