SRM Analysis Software

Professional analysis made easy

Simple Downloading

Download direct from your PC7 to view ride files, periodic views of training trends, monitor your performance and compile all of your rides into one library!

Get down to the details

The SRM Analysis software gives you the ability to easily email your training files to your coach, which can thereby improve your training plan by having up to date, objective data!

Organize Files for quick reference

Each file can be easily identified by date, time of ride, average power, or even the amount of mechanical energy expended. Locating a data file is simple, easy and intuitive.

Track performance gains in each metric

View your maximum power output for specific time intervals or on individual training rides. Compare the entire season to mark your performance gains. In one screen you can view the relationship between heart rate, power, cadence and speed.

Zoom in on Specific Segments

Create markers and custom intervals to show exact training metrics for a specified time period. The zoom feature allows for editing/adding markers after downloading for more precise file analysis.

Identify Trends in performance

Knowing previous training loads and how those effect performance are critical to your training plan. Identify the optimal workouts which lead to you performing your best!

Software Downloads

SRMMac Software - MAC Platform

OSX - Only compatible with PCVI/7

Version: 2.150301

150301, 75 M

SRMMac Software - Release Notes

Introduction to SRMMac V2

Release Notes

PDF, 799 K

SRMMac Software - Release Notes

Release Notes

150301, 6.4 K

SRMWin Software - Windows Platform


for Vista, 7, 8

EXE, 9.5 M

SRMWin Software - Windows Platform

Version 6.33.06

for WIN 95, 98, NT

EXE, 2.7 M

SRM Ergometer Control Documentation


PDF, 740 K

#1154 Patch

If you receive the error message #1154: Installer not found, please download the following file and copy it into the same directory that includes the Setup file.

EXE, 1.6 M


If you are using Windows 95 and receive the error message "The SRMWIN.exe is linked to the missing export OLEAUT32.DLL".

EXE, 1.2 M

SRMWin Software - Online Mode

Please note: When using this with the Ergometer please go to: "fixed gear" under settings / setup external device / "mode of control unit" and to "13/53" under "gearing isokinetic test set".

EXE, 100 K

USB Driver for PowerControl VI, 7

PowerControl VI & 7, Windows

04, 2.1 M

USB Driver for PowerControl V

PowerControl V (Windows XP, 2000, 7)

6, 3.1 M

USB Driver for PowerControl V

PowerControl V (Windows 8.1)


PowerControl V USB Driver: How to Update your PCV Driver


MP4, 24 M