The SRM Difference

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Welcome to the ultimate training tool

The SRM Training System is intended to take your training and racing to the next level by incorporating power based training into your routine. Training with a PowerMeter can allow you to specifically target the actual demands of your goals, pace your effort on race day, organize your workout schedule and track fitness trends with consistent, accurate data. Now you can objectively find your limits and train to push beyond them!


First Patented in 1987, the SRM PowerMeter gave the cycling world one of its greatest innovations for performance-based training tools. Training by the metric of power allows for cyclists to have truly objective data based on their performance, rather than rely on heart rate, speed and perceived exertion. Power output is not directly influenced by environmental factors.

With over 35 years of experience in designing and fabricating Power Meters, SRM builds the most dependable and accurate training tools on the market. SRM Power Meters continue to be considered as the gold-standard by many high-level athletes and trainers!


SRM PowerMeter are built by the hands from experienced technicians in Jülich/Germany, Lucca/Italy, and Colorado Srings/USA.
We do this, because only a PowerMeter that is built to very high accuracy standards will output accurate and dependable data in any environmental condition.
All SRM PowerMeters feature strain-gauge based torque measurement. Applying strain gauges is an art as well as a science. Each SRM PowerMeter uses custom designed strain gauges, each placed by hand and aligned to exacting standards. This process allows for rock solid offset stability. A stable offset combined with automatic temperature compensation means spot on accurate power measurement in any condition.


Without an accurate calibration, any measuring system would be flawed. Linearity of slope is a critical component to ensuring accuracy at lower power outputs as well as during high power sprint efforts. SRM Power Meters run through multiple calibration steps including a low temperature offset calibration at -10°C, and a mechanical calibration against an exactly known mass.

The most accurate Power Meter calibration

Power Meters that last.

All SRM products are designed and build to last as long as possible. High quality materials and components combined with perfectionist craftsmanship result into the most durable training equipment out there. Fair service prices and modular design concepts ensure that you are able to use your SRM for many years!

SRM Origin Power Meter 9 Spider
Handcrafted Power Meter


Our employees are our secret for success. Each specially trained technician follows a meticulous process for new builds as well as servicing existing product. Our technicians carry on the proud legacy of building the world’s greatest power measurement devices for cycling!