PowerControl FAQ

SRM PowerControl 8 in Red

Your PowerControl can be charged via the wall charger or with the download cable via your computer. Charging your PowerControl via the wall charger will speed up the time required to accept a full charge. If you have a PowerControl V, it can only be charged via the wall charger. If your PowerControl will no longer accept a charge, the battery needs to be replaced at an SRM Service Center. 

If you have a PowerControl VI or newer, it will automatically adjust the zero offset during your ride. However, you should still set the zero offset before every ride to ensure the most accurate data. Current generation PowerMeters do not require the automatic zero offset calibration, because they automatically compensate temperature changes.

Normalized Power is a term calculated and trademarked by TrainingPeaks. The PC8 can be configured to display Normalized Power via the SRM PC8 Device Agent. The PowerControl 7 calculates/displays average power, heart rate, speed, and cadence; normalized power is not available on the PC7.

Your GPS might take a minute or two to find enough satellites. If you start riding, while the PC8 is still searching for satellites, it will take much longer. Best practice is to wait until the GPS symbol shows three bars, before starting the ride.

If your PC8 cannot find the satellites at all, there might be a hardware issue.

Many problems can be solved by simply restarting the PowerControl. To do so, keep the PRO, MODE and SET button pressed, until the PC8 restarts. This should take around 5 seconds.

This problem often appears if you disconnect your PC8 without “ejecting” the device. Before you unplug your PC8 from your Windows PC, please right-click on the thumb drive symbol on the right of your taskbar and click on “Eject PowerControl 8”.

If your PC8 is stuck in the “PC connected” screen, you can restart it by pressing the PRO, MODE and SET buttons together for about 5 seconds.