Team Policumbent

We are a Team of students from Politecnico di Torino, and we have been designing and building the most efficient vehicles in the world.
We have been participating since 2015 in the World Human Powered-Speed Challenge, a competition held every September in Nevada in which cyclists pedal 8 km to reach the highest speed in the last 200 meters.
In 2019, we placed third in the men’s category, reaching 84,81 mph thanks to the performance of Andrea Gallo and the Taurus prototype, and second in the women’s category, with Vittoria Spada’s 76.98 mph.
However, we’re not giving up to the world record yet and, indeed, in 2022, post-pandemic, we returned overseas ranking first in speed among the participating teams. We reached 40.88 mph with Diego Colombari driving Cerberus in the handtrike category, 68.44 mph with Martina Stirano and 74.07 mph with Matilde Vitillo driving TaurusX in the women’s category, and 80.78 mph with Phoenix led by Andrea Gallo in the men’s category.
These latest results were also achieved thanks to the collaboration with the company SRM, which with its power meters helps us to see power and speed in real time, data useful both in the simulation phase, to predict the results that the bikes might achieve in the race, and in the post-race phase, to understand where improvements can be made.