Team Texpa Simplon

With no slips or other technical problems, we can always rely on SRM and therefore have perfect training control and can prepare for the races in a targeted manner. The spiders are definitely perfect for racing because they are extremely light and robust.

The Texpla-Simplon Team started in 1997. Over the years, the team had established itself among the national elite. In the last years, more and more international riders have joined the team, so that many successes have also been celebrated on the European stage. Nobody has to hide, although the passion must not be lost because of the success.


Markus Kaufmann is still one of our driving forces in the team, because of his many successes and his level of popularity, the “young wild ones” can learn a lot from him.
Drivers like Marc Stutzmann, Pirmin Eisenbarth and Jakob Hartmann have developed so strongly that they have arrived at the top of the world in marathon sport.
Our reigning European champion in the long-distance marathon, Philip Handl, became a favorite in the team in his first year. Always in a good mood and, above all, actively helping wherever a third hand is needed. Uwe Hardter became German Champion again this year. He is also active as driver spokesman and is therefore the direct link between drivers and team management.