Come allenarsi con Power

Power data can give you an insight into your training that is free from external influences. But there is a lot to learn, before you can interpret your data and use it to improve your performance.
Over the years, we have been working together with the most renowned trainers in cycling to further the understanding on how power data can improve an athlete’s performance. 

This section of our website is supposed to teach you what you need to know to get started with your training and to connect you to some of the best trainers we know.

How to get started

The first thing you need to understand is that power data can and should not replace your feeling. During your first couple of month of training with power, it is important for you to try to connect your feeling with your power and heart rate data.
How does it feel to ride at a certain power? How does this feeling change and why?

The base for every training plan is a performance test. Once you know where you stand, this data can be used to develop a periodical schedule with training sessions at different intensities.

Commonly used Performance tests in cycling

FTP test, Ramp test etc.:

Setting up a training plan

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